Notary Dr. Walter Crepaz from the Notary’s Office Crepaz- Lanzi

Introduction and professional development

  • Walter Crepaz was born on June 23, 1966 in Bressanone (BZ). He is married to Patrizia Ciechi and is father of three children.
  • He attended middle school in Bressanone and secondary school in Ortisei.
  • He obtained a law degree on February 25, 1990 at Bologna University and got full marks for it.
  • Mr. Crepaz completed military service as assistant.
  • He attended the notaries internship first in Bolzano (Notaries Practice Bombardelli, Nicolodi, Kleewein) and then in Rome (Notaries Practice Negro- La Gioia). Thereafter, he attended the notaries education school “Capozzi” in Napoli.
  • He also attended the biennial lawyer- internship and was appointed a lawyer.
  • Since May 2001 he is working as a Notary in Bolzano.
  • Mr. Crepaz is a member of the “Consiglio Notarile” in Bolzano, as well as from Triveneto and referee of the “Comunciazione del Notariato”, which is delegated by the “Consiglio Notarile” in Bolzano.
  • Since March 2010, he has been the President of the “Consiglio Notarile” in Bolzano.
  • The notary executes his activity in the office in Bolzano (BZ), Via Alto Adige n. 40, as well as in the district office in Ortisei (BZ).
  • Mr. Crepaz works as referee on many conventions and writes publications for magazines in the areas of commercial law, cadastral register and fiscal law.
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