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The notary’s offices in Bolzano, Brunico and Ortisei

The notary’s office in Bolzano provides professional advice and assistance for notarial contracts

Thanks to the Notaries’ professional experience and an excellent acknowledged team, the office leads and attends their clients to achieve their economical, commercial, familiar and social targets in the most rapid and effective way.
This is ensured by the continuing education in legal and tax-based areas, as well as in the areas of computer sciences and technology.

Notary's office in Bolzano

The Notary’s Office, which is located in the capital city of the province, narrates a long-standing history like its successors in the office of the Notaries Giovanni Nicolodi, Mauro Bombardelli and Herald Kleewein.

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Notary's office in Brunico

In the midst of the small town of Brunico, the Notaries continue the employment of their precursors Maria Teresa Riedl, Ida Tratter and Herald Kleewein and offer consultancy, particularly in the topic of agriculture, as this is a characteristic of the Val Pusteria and their contiguous areas.

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Notary's office in Ortisei

The office, which is located only 50m from the village square, provides advice and assistance for the Ladin people who occupy the Val Gardena, but furthermore, for the many visitors of the beautiful Dolomites.

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