The deed of purchase of Real Estates -
purchase contract - sales- trade off

The office attaches great importance to provide the necessary and important information
to reach a successful conclusion of the bargain and warrants the legality of the deeds

The activity of the office in the Real Estate industry is very intensive for individuals as well as for enterprises.
The acquisition of a real estate is a significant investment, as it has large influence on the Buyer's life, but as well on future generations.
That is why we give particular importance to this service.
Thanks to the Notaries’ professional experience and an excellent acknowledged team, the office provides best costumer care and assists our clients during the execution of the contract. We examine the origin of the property, the urbanistic regularity and analyze if the property is free from encumbrances. Furthermore, we verify the authority of any signatory, we obtain the energy certifications and we manage the conclusion of the contract even in the premature phase. The function of our office is in fact to verify that each step is free of obstacles and each activity is utterly legitimate. We conduct all of the necessities, which accrue after the purchase of Real Estates: registration, circumscription and necessary communications.
The field of activity of the Notaries in Bolzano rages over to every tax-based problem. We arrange the legitimacy of all the activities and disclose possible privileges to our clients.
The sphere of activities extends to each issue of the Real Estate: purchase contract, trade-off, partition, donation, loan, etc.

Our services

Real Estate Our sphere of activity includes all areas of Real Estate.

Societies We assist the entrepreneurs in choosing a proper form of company.

System of taxation We are aiming to achieve all the tax-based commitments, which result of the notarial records.

Inheritances We deal with each question that regards the inheritances.

Asset planning We assist individuals as well as entrepreneurs.

Dr. Walter Crepaz

Dr. Elena Lanzi

Notarial services and assistance

The Notarial Practice works with an excellent professional team, which is qualified in each area of the notarial operations

Our office provides professional consulting services for the resolution of problems and for answering questions.

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International costumers

Services and notarial records for international costumers

By now, the Notary’s Office in Bolzano / Bozen includes many international clients, and thanks to our long-lasting experience, we can assist foreign clients and offer them advice and assistance.

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