Assistance and guidance in tax-based questions

Costumer care- We support and guide our clients up to fiscal optimizing

Each notarial record implicates profound tax-based consequences.
We make an effort to comply with the tax-based commitments, which result from the notarial records. Legal systems like the Italian, which is in continuous and rapid evolution, requires a permanent further education of our staff. This qualification puts us in the position to offer our clients a fiscal optimizing and to illustrate to them tax-based facilitations. Our notarial assistance even exceeds the Italian borders for that matter: we have a well-grounded knowledge in the area of Austrian and German tax law.

Our services

Real Estate Our sphere of activity includes all areas of Real Estate.

Societies We assist the entrepreneurs in choosing a proper form of company.

System of taxation We are aiming to achieve all the tax-based commitments, which result of the notarial records.

Inheritances We deal with each question that regards the inheritances.

Asset planning We assist individuals as well as entrepreneurs.

Dr. Walter Crepaz

Dr. Elena Lanzi

Notarial services and assistance

The Notarial Practice works with an excellent professional team, which is qualified in each area of the notarial operations

Our office provides professional consulting services for the resolution of problems and for answering questions.

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International costumers

Services and notarial records for international costumers

By now, the Notary’s Office in Bolzano / Bozen includes many international clients, and thanks to our long-lasting experience, we can assist foreign clients and offer them advice and assistance.

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