Notarial activity in the field of business law and corporate law

Our Notarial Practice provides a suitable offer of notarial services for the formation of companies and the management of meetings of shareholders

Thanks to the Notaries’ professional experience and the team of highly specialized professionals, the office assists the entrepreneurs during the establishment of the company, helping to make the right choice in the selection of a proper legal form of company. The office attends the employers ultimately in each area of the entrepreneurial activity: fusions, divisions, commutations, deposits, liquidations, joint ventures, assignments of companies or subareas of companies.

We support the entrepreneurs with the elaboration of the records and the performance of the provided obligations. Furthermore, we assist them, to adapt their needs at its best to eventual modifications. Summing up, we offer our clients assistance and guidance from the very beginning, the formation of the company, to the point of the whole development of the company.