Notary Dr. Elena Lanzi from the Notary’s Office Crepaz - Lanzi

Introduction and professional development of the notary in operation in Bolzano and Brunico.

  • Elena Lanzi was born on July 10, 1980 in Varese.
  • She attended the secondary school in Varese and then the “Berthold Gymnasium” in Freiburg.
  • She took her law degree at “Università L. Bocconi di Milano” and got full marks for it, after spending a semester abroad in St. Gallen (CH).
  • In 2005, she was appointed a Lawyer with special reference to guidance for companies and arbitration procedure.
  • Ms. Lanzi cooperates with Prof. G. Iudica (Universita Bocconi) and with Prof. Franciosi (Universita Bergamo).
  • She was appointed a Notary by Ministerial Decree on July 2006.
  • Since August 2011, she performs her work in the office in Bolzano, as well as in the district office in Brunico.
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