Notary's office

Notary Dr. Walter Crepaz and Notary Dr. Elena Lanzi

The Notaries are based in Bolzano with two more places of business in Brunico and Ortisei - Val Gardena. Their goal is to provide excellent professional legal advice for notarial questions in the areas of administration, taxes, accountancy and finances.

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Our utmost goal is to advise our clients to achieve their economical, commercial, familiar and social goals.
We offer our consultancy and the composition of notarial records in Italian and German; furthermore in English, Russian and Spanish.
Further, we offer the possibility to translate the records from our declared interpreters into Chinese and Arab.
Our Notary’s Office has three locations in Alto Adige. Our head office is in Bolzano; the two branch offices are located in Brunico
and Ortisei – Val Gardena.

Alto Adige Str. 40
Duca-Sigismondo Str. 2
Promeneda 1-1/C

Notary's office of notary Dr. Walter Crepaz and notary Dr. Elena Lanzi

The notary's office Crepaz-Lanzi offers professionalism and experience in solving notarial issues.

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